About Ca'



The first thing you need to know about Ca´ Cucina is that we are one big happy family, working together to cook and serve you some of the most delicious Italian food you have ever tasted.

When you meet the owner, Diego, you will know why. He knows the name of almost everyone who regularly visits Ca´ and almost everyone who is passing by outside.

Trained in Italy and having worked in 2 continents, Diego has become a master in Italian home cooking and is very happy to share his passion for food with his guests.

We are known for our Italian home cooking using fresh ingredients, some of which we import ourselves from Italy. We take pride in offering a wide range of dishes from the Italian kitchen.

Starting with an antipasti of either fish, meat or vegetables, we then have a “primo” which is usually a pasta dish, and then the “secondo” of either seafood/fish or meat/poultry. The “dolce” is also home-made and we always use fresh fruits in season.

Our team is international and would like to welcome you to Ca´ Cucina whether it’s for a take away, eat-in or a catering event.

Come visit us on Rebekkavej 49 in Hellerup, just a short distance from the station and with ample parking in the neighbourhood.